The Point of All of This

Hey there!  My name is Jade, although I am currently going by my middle name, Keahi, which is more easily pronounced in Spanish.  I am a passionate traveler, language learner, student, and sister.  I love good wine, craft beer, delicious food, dancing in the moonlight, falling in love, and the genius of perfect lyrics.

Why am I here, blogging?  Well, to be honest, this blog was born of laziness.  I knew that during my impending study abroad (one year in Granada, Spain), all of my family and friends would want to hear about what was going on in my life — and since I have a large family and a fair amount of friends, the thought of all those emails was a bit overwhelming.  Solution?  A blog.

Then I got to thinking:  maybe I should write for more than just my friends and family.  I grew up traveling, travel quite frequently, and plan to continue traveling throughout my career.  Hawai’i is my second home, Brazil is my third, and my family spent years walking very far off the beaten tourist track wherever we went, whether it was a sandbar in the Philippines or the streets of New York.  Language and culture fascinate me — captivate my soul, even — but I like to see the real, un-Disneyfied culture of a country.  The one that has its ugly sides, the one that’s elusive and exclusive and filled with dive bars and street art and the most amazing undiscovered musicians.  And I would like to help other avid travelers discover these hidden faces.

Personally, I find that practical advice about everyday things helps a traveler to fit in and make friends with locals who will open up these wonderful secrets to you.  This will not be a travel blog where I review fancy hotels that I stay in for free — this will be a place where you can read about my everyday struggles and successes, from ordering in foreign languages to dealing with homesickness, from what to wear to what not to do in the grocery store.

So welcome to Jade’s Jaunts, where I will do my best to share with you what I am learning in the world.  Make yourself at home — I hope you find something here that you like!


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  1. I think your tagline is great. It explains what you’re going to be discussing yet isn’t so clunky that it slows you down. Your introductory post explains things as well and gives a sense of your voice too. The only thing I wonder is what country are you traveling to for study abroad and how long will it last.

    You’ve been to so many places. I studied abroad in Spain for a month, and it was cool; however, I was also scared because I had never been away from home. I’m guessing you won’t have as much of a problem with that. 😀

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    1. jadekeahi says:

      Thanks so much! I will add info about my study abroad to the post — I’m headed to Granada, Spain for one year, and I’m so excited!
      First times away from home are so hard, I know exactly what you mean! The first time I lived abroad was in Brasília, Brazil for three months. It was the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it actually set me on my path to pursue translation and interpretation as a career. 🙂


      1. That’s awesome! Do you speak Spanish? I wanted to go to Granada, but it didn’t work out well. (If you’re curious, I actually wrote about it a while back here.

        I’m a chicken too, so that doesn’t help matters, LOL. What made you go to Brazil?


      2. jadekeahi says:

        I can carry on a basic conversation in Spanish, but I have a long way to go. My specialty is actually Brazilian Portuguese, but Spanish is of course essential for my planned work in Latin America.
        I grew up traveling to Brazil with my family, for about two weeks each year, and by the time I was 20 and finishing high school I decided that three months there would be a good graduation present to myself. I lived with a friend who was Brazilian and learned a lot about myself, including some habits I have that I wish would go away, haha.


      3. Podemos hablar in espanol despues del viaje a Espana. 🙂

        That’s awesome that you traveled so much at a young age. I wish my family had traveled more, and wow that is a unique graduation present. 🙂 It’d be nice if traveling was cheaper.


      4. jadekeahi says:

        Está bien!
        I will definitely share more about my previous travels as contrasts and comparisons come up in my writing. 🙂 Travel has gotten ridiculously expensive though, you are right.


  2. Hola Keahi,

    I will be studying in Sevilla, Spain for one semester soon. I can’t wait to read about your time in Spain.

    all the best,
    the (esc)ape artist

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    1. jadekeahi says:

      Thanks! I look forward to hearing about Sevilla. 🙂

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  3. GeekKate says:

    This was beautifully written. Your life seems amazing and filled with fantastic opportunities. I am excited to read about your experience living in Spain for 1 year. I wish you the best of luck with it all and look forward to keeping up with you blog 🙂

    ❤ and harp strings,

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  4. Sly Campbell says:

    Welcome to blogging! It’s pretty addicting though, haha. It’s cool that you started this to keep updating your family and friends about your life while you’re studying abroad. My brother is currently going to use his blog to do the same as he is spending this school year in Australia. Can’t wait to see more of your posts! 🙂

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  5. I really enjoyed your writing, Jade! You’re a natural. Also, I wanted to tell you I studied for a year abroad in France and it was certainly an experience from which I really grew and developed as a person. I look forward to reading your adventures in Granada, it looks like a beautiful place.


    1. jadekeahi says:

      Hi, thank you! My apologies for not replying sooner — life got a little crazy there for a bit, but I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things in the next little while.

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  6. anwyn84 says:

    Looking forward to reading more and seeing some great views of spain and your experiences.

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